The Longbow – An Ancient Weapon That Was a Staple of Many Armies

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The Longbow – An Ancient Weapon That Was a Staple of Many Armies

The longbow is an ancient weapon that dates back to Neolithic times. It was a staple of many armies and was even in use during the Middle Ages. Thought to have originated from Wales, this weapon can now be found across Europe including Somerset, UK.

Even after the invention of guns and cannons, the longbow remained the preferred weapon in medieval warfare. Unlike these weapons, it could be fired rapidly and multiple times during battle, boasting a powerful draw force that could penetrate armor.

Originating in Europe, the longbow was eventually exported to Japan where they developed their own version that was much longer than its European counterpart – known as the Yumi.

The Yumi was an impressive bow that could reach over two meters in length and was used in traditional Kyudo martial arts practice. During Japanese wartime, it was often chosen as a weapon of choice.

The longbow was an impressive weapon with a range of up to 600 feet! This feat of range was remarkable for its time period, and longbowmen of that era were highly skilled shooters able to shoot arrows that could wound at 250 yards, kill at 100 yards, or penetrate armor from 60 yards away.

It was an incredibly powerful weapon, one that required extensive training to master. Only those with extensive combat experience such as knights and fighters could truly utilize the longbow effectively.

A well-trained longbowman could fire up to 12 arrows per minute. These arrows, measuring 27-36 inches in length and made of soft wood known as yew, were cut during winter and seasoned for three to four years before use.

Longbows were traditionally made of yew wood, but there are now laminated longbows made from bamboo or lemonwood that offer better tension and compression resistance than their wooden counterparts. Laminated longbows offer one major benefit over simple yew bows: improved longevity!

In the 15th century, England experienced many notable battles where the longbow played an integral role. These battles were fiercely fought with vastly outnumbered English armies but ultimately prevailed due to their skilled archers.

The longbow was a widely beloved weapon of choice among English soldiers, and its effectiveness in battle made it one of the main factors in their victories.

As a result of the popularity of the longbow, King Edward III (r. 1272-1307) in England banned all sports except archery on Sundays in an effort to promote its use. Furthermore, those men whose income exceeded PS2 per year had to own a bow as well.

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The Longbow – An Ancient Weapon That Was a Staple of Many Armies

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