The Basics Of Traditional Archery

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The Basics Of Traditional Archery

Traditional archery is an exciting and demanding sport that not everyone enjoys. While it takes years of practice to become proficient, the rewards of participating are immense: endless hours of enjoyment, camaraderie and satisfaction at the end of it all!

Over centuries, people of all cultures have been drawn to the simplicity and focus of traditional archery. References to it can be found in archeology, books and oral history from cultures around the world; it has even been featured on movies and television shows as a popular activity for celebrities, sports stars and athletes around the globe.

The Foundations Of Traditional Archery
Traditional archery is an ideal sport for families and teenagers due to its minimal equipment requirements. All you need is a bow and arrow – making it the perfect beginner’s sport!

The Bow
A traditional bow, also known as a longbow or recurve bow, can be made out of wood, fiberglass or aluminium alloy. It features an adjustable shaft in various lengths and widths with an arrowhead attached to the front end for aim.

Traditional archery relies on the arrow, which can be used to hit targets at distances ranging from 10-20 yards. Depending on its type, these arrows may be sharpened and made from solid wood, bamboo or other materials like aluminum.

How to Shoot
The most efficient way to shoot a bow is with proper form and alignment. Begin by standing with your bow in an open stance, with the foot closest to the target turned outward at an angle of 30 degrees or more. This opens your hips and shoulders for alignment purposes.

Finally, the archer must hold their bow arm in a straight position and point it toward the target with their dominant hand (left for right eye-dominant shooters and right for left). This is known as either the string arm or draw arm.

Traditional archery usually requires that the drawing hand be the one with the greatest dexterity and strength. This can be determined by eye dominance, but most archers utilize their strongest and natural limb when drawing.

Archers must maintain a firm grip on their bow while keeping it steady, then use their drawing hand to push against the bowstring in order to release an arrow. While this may not always be easy, maintaining accuracy is key.

Ki Bo Bae is an outstanding example of an archer who masterfully balances pulling and pushing to make their shot. He’s been shooting since childhood, and while his technique has evolved over time, his style remains consistent.

Traditional archers lack the advantage of seeing what they’re doing in their head, which is essential for making accurate shots. The brain must do a lot more work as it calculates distances and angles with complex calculations. Furthermore, even experienced archers cannot hit targets unless they are in perfect form and at an accurate distance.

What is Traditional Archery and Its History?

The Basics Of Traditional Archery

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