The Basics of Choosing the Right Bow for You

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The Basics of Choosing the Right Bow for You

When selecting the ideal bow, there are plenty of factors to take into account. Some are obvious and others more complex; as a beginner archer, you need to ensure your pick out bow meets all your requirements. Keep reading for some essential tips that will help narrow down your search and ensure the ideal choice!

Be Aware of Your Eyes and Hands
Before shooting anything, decide if you prefer shooting with your right or left hand. Most archers prefer shooting from their right arm, but that doesn’t guarantee that you can’t switch it up if desired.

When selecting your bows, try to identify which hand is your dominant one and get one tailored specifically to that hand. You’ll feel much more at ease using a bow tailored specifically for you.

Camo Prints
Most bow companies offer a selection of camo prints. Depending on the species of game you’re hunting, select a pattern that complements that animal’s colors. For instance, when hunting deer or elk, opt for pink or orange camo prints so your target can easily identify your bow.

Patterned bows can also be useful if you’re trying to conceal it from other animals. A pink or orange camo print might do a better job hiding your bow than black or brown ones, though it will still draw attention from potential prey animals.

Examine the Materials
Many bows use plastic limb pockets, risers and other parts that may not be as durable or attractive as aluminum counterparts. This is particularly true for compound bows which utilize several strings and pulleys to deliver power.

When selecting your tree limbs, you should also take into account their material. Are they made from long-lasting materials like wood, fiberglass or carbon? Eventually you may need to replace them, so it pays off to invest in quality ones now.

Using the Bow
If you’re new to bow shooting, it is wise to practice with the bow you are considering in target practice first. This will give you an idea of how it feels and shoots accurately, allowing for an informed decision when purchasing it.

A bow should not only shoot well, but it should feel good to touch when in your hand. You can test this out by asking the store owner to let you try it out. If he can’t provide this service, try shooting it yourself at home – at various distances and in different weather conditions.

If you’re shopping for a bow or researching the best bows for hunting, visiting an archery, sporting or hunting supply store is worth visiting. They’ll answer your questions, give some helpful hints and allow you to shoot it several times so that you get familiar with how it feels and performs.

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