Shooting With a Recurve Bow Technique

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Shooting With a Recurve Bow Technique

Shooting with a recurve bow is an efficient and accurate technique that can be used for target shooting or hunting. They are the most common bow type used in archery, known for their efficiency and precision.

Recurve bows are a type of archery bow with limbs that flex away and then back toward the archer as they are strung, giving it its name. Recurve bows have more energy stored inside them when unstrung than other bow types, enabling them to shoot faster than other types.

Proper stance is one of the most essential aspects of shooting with a recurve bow. Maintaining proper stance allows you to stay centered on the target as you release your bow, leading to consistently accurate shots.

A proper recurve bow stance should have your feet planted at shoulder width with front knees bent and back straightened. This stance, also referred to as the “non-flexing stance”, ensures stability on all fours while preventing you from leaning out or making an improper shot.

Stand Perpendicular to the Target
When shooting with a recurve bow, the most straightforward way to stand is perpendicular to your target. Stand tall with both feet firmly planted at shoulder width and lean into it as you release the bow; this stance will keep both of your feet stable as you release the string for more accurate shots.

Holding Your Recurve Bow Correctly
When holding a recurve bow, hold it with your non-dominant hand. Place the arrow rest or handle on the palm of that hand and then position its knuckles at a 45 degree angle with respect to the grip area of the bow. This is how to properly grip any recurve bow.

Avoid gripping the bow too tightly, as this could cause it to torque inward and throw you off-target. Conversely, don’t hold it too lightly either; doing so could loosen and pull back during your shot.

Grip the Bow Correctly
When holding a recurve bow, it is essential that your knuckles form an angle of 45 degrees with the arrow rest or handle so that the bow rests on your thumb pad. This will prevent your hands from getting too big or small and give you the proper grip.

Check Your Release Arm
The release arm of your recurve bow is a long, thin piece of wood attached to the cocking end. This is where you hold the bowstring and nock the arrows. Avoid gripping the bow with your dominant hand; otherwise, it could slip out from under you when drawing back the string.

Aside from being uncomfortable, this method may cause you to miss an arrow if it’s not lined up correctly. With a recurve bow, it can be challenging to line up your wrist, pointer finger and arm correctly; thus, most modern fiberglass recurve bows come equipped with molded grips like those found on most modern fiberglass recurve bows.

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