How to Determine the Draw Weight of Bow

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How to Determine the Draw Weight of Bow

A draw weight of a bow refers to the amount of force required to pull back its string when at full draw. This can be measured using either manual or electronic scales and typically displayed in pounds or kilograms.

Selecting the proper draw weight is essential for both competition and hunting, as it makes your bow more powerful and allows you to hit targets harder.

When selecting the ideal draw weight, testing it out is the best course of action. This can be done at either a range or club and will give you an accurate indication as to whether or not it is suitable for you.

Archers often suggest starting with a lower draw weight than you think you need to start shooting. This will allow you to develop proper form and get acquainted with the sport of archery without the strain that pulling on a heavy bow can cause.

Draw weight of 60 to 70 lbs is generally considered standard, though some people prefer pulling slightly more than this.

Selecting the ideal draw weight for you is a personal decision that should be guided by both your body and mental attitude. As an absolute beginner, it’s generally best to begin with a bow in 30-40 pound range and gradually increase it as strength and discipline increase.

Some clubs offer a system that enables you to swap out your limbs and save the cost of moving up in weight class. This can be an ideal option for someone just beginning to shoot or who would like to increase their jump size by 2-5 pounds each time they shoot.

Your bow should be able to remain at full draw for around 30 minutes before experiencing muscle or joint fatigue. If not, then the draw weight of your bow may be too heavy.

As a beginner, the best way to determine your correct draw weight is to visit a bow shop and test it out. The staff can sit you down on the floor with a bow tailored for your body type and build. They will also show you how to use the bow properly and have several shots taken so that you feel confident using it.

Once you have determined the draw weight of your bow, it is essential to understand how to adjust it if necessary. This can be accomplished by tightening or loosening the limb bolts on your bow – an easy process that only requires an allen key!

Once you understand how to adjust your draw weight, it is essential to maintain it consistently so that your shots are as precise as possible. Doing this will prevent bad habits from developing and diminish your confidence as a bow hunter.

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