How to Choose the Perfect Arrow for Your Traditional Bow

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How to Choose the Perfect Arrow for Your Traditional Bow

When selecting an arrow for your traditional bow, it’s essential to consider all factors. The spine, diameter, length and weight all affect how the arrow flies and whether or not it will penetrate your target properly.

Spine of an Arrow
The spine of an arrow refers to how it bends upon release. This can vary depending on whether it is wood, carbon or aluminum and affects flight characteristics such as speed and penetration.

Selecting the Appropriate Shaft
The shaft of an arrow refers to the long piece attached to its head. This part can be made out of various materials like steel, titanium and stainless steel; each having their own properties like weight, speed and penetration which makes it easier to find an arrow that meets your specific archery demands.

It is wise to select a shaft that matches your draw weight and point weight. A lighter shaft will enable you to travel faster and penetrate better, while one that weighs more may flex too much and break.

Arrow Diameter
When choosing a shaft for your arrow, opt for one that is slightly larger than your target. This will reduce vibration in the arrow and make it simpler to shoot accurately.

A larger shaft can help reduce the amount of splinters that your bow may shoot when shooting it. When shopping for a new shaft, be sure to look into the manufacturer’s recommendations on their recommended diameter.

You can use an arrow shaft test kit to help determine the ideal shaft for your requirements. This is a great resource and can be acquired from most archery shops.

Utilizing an Arrow Shaft Test Kit
Once you have your arrow shaft test kit, use it to measure your arrows’ spine. This will let you know if they’re flying correctly and allow for any necessary adjustments.

If you’re not sure how to use an arrow shaft test kit, YouTube offers plenty of videos that can guide you through the procedure. The most important part is consistency – shoot your arrows at the same target until you have a good understanding of their behavior.

When selecting an arrow shaft, the most essential factor is finding one that matches your draw weight and point weight. Once these numbers have been established, you can work on other characteristics like arrow size and fletching weight until they’re ideal for your archery needs.

Once your arrows are calibrated to the correct length, spine and point weight, you’re ready to hit the field! A quality quiver makes all the difference in how accurately your arrows fly; therefore, investing in one that will last you for years is worth taking the time to find.

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