Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Traditional Archery Bow

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Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Traditional Archery Bow

Traditional archers typically utilize gloves, arrow rests and sights. Selecting the correct ones for your needs is essential in shooting accurately.

A glove will protect your hands and fingers during a long draw by relieving them of the strain caused by holding on to the bowstring. Additionally, it helps prevent spraining or blistering fingers. Ideally, purchase gloves that fit perfectly and feel comfortable for your hand shape.

Arrow Rests
A bow rest is an indispensable accessory for every archer. It helps hold your arrow while shooting, making it especially helpful for beginners or those who don’t feel confident shooting barebow.

Arrow rests come in a range of designs to accommodate various uses, such as hunting, target archery and compound bowing. All provide a secure grip while shooting an arrow, and can be constructed from various materials like wood, leather or rubber.

A sight will help you aim your bow more precisely and improve the accuracy of your shots. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can pick one that best suits your preferences.

Stabilizers are an invaluable accessory for recurve bowers, providing vibration dampening and increasing inertia. Target archers typically use them, but bow hunters can benefit from having one as well.

Arrow Spine
Your arrow spine is essential to your success as an archer, so make sure it matches your bow’s draw weight and length. If unsure, consult an expert in this field for guidance.

Your arrows are an essential component of your bow setup, and they must be the right size for it. Make sure they’re long enough to reach the arrow rest when drawn and lightweight enough for you to carry easily.

Selecting the Appropriate Strings
A bowstring is an integral component of your barebow setup and can make a major impact on shot accuracy. Make sure it has the appropriate length, material and thickness for optimal nocking point compatibility.

Nocks are another essential accessory that will increase your shooting accuracy. Placed about 1/8″ or 1/4″ higher than the arrow rest, these nocks ensure that the arrow stays in its intended spot without sliding on the string which could significantly affect accuracy.

You can find a range of nocks to suit your bow and preferences, but make sure they align with the manufacturer’s tuning charts before purchasing them.

Whatever your budget, there are likely risers that meet all of your requirements. If you have more money to spend, custom-made risers could even be worth considering; while these may be more costly, they offer unmatched control and guarantee your bow is always set up correctly every time.

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