What is Traditional Archery and Its History?

Traditional Archery and Its History Archery has a long and beautiful history that dates back centuries, from Ancient Egypt’s archery practice to Robin Hood’s beloved sport. No other activity can compare to archery – whether it was first practiced by King Arthur himself in medieval times, or simply being part of everyday life today. It […]

The Basics Of Traditional Archery

Traditional archery is an exciting and demanding sport that not everyone enjoys. While it takes years of practice to become proficient, the rewards of participating are immense: endless hours of enjoyment, camaraderie and satisfaction at the end of it all! Over centuries, people of all cultures have been drawn to the simplicity and focus of […]

The Longbow – An Ancient Weapon That Was a Staple of Many Armies

The longbow is an ancient weapon that dates back to Neolithic times. It was a staple of many armies and was even in use during the Middle Ages. Thought to have originated from Wales, this weapon can now be found across Europe including Somerset, UK. Even after the invention of guns and cannons, the longbow […]

Buying Traditional Archery Supplies

Traditional archery may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually an excellent sport to engage in! From hunting and competing to having a good time on your days off, archery offers endless opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment – make the most of your free time by joining one of these fun events today! Selecting […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Recurve Bow Archery

Recurve bows are one of the most sought-after and versatile archery weapons due to their lightweight nature, ease of upkeep, portability and durability. While longer than traditional longbows, recurve bows offer greater reach while being lighter in weight – either made of fiberglass, aluminum or wood. Recurve bows come in a range of styles and […]

Longbow Vs Recurve Bow

Selecting the ideal bow is a crucial element of learning how to shoot archery. The two most popular archery bows are the longbow and recurve bow, each with their own advantages and drawbacks that should be taken into consideration when using it for various tasks. A longbow is a traditional archery bow made of wood […]

Different Types of Bows

When looking for a bow, there are several types to choose from. Each type serves a distinct purpose so it’s essential that you select the one best suited to your requirements. When making this decision, factors like budget and desired style of archery should be taken into account when making your choice. Recurve bows are […]

How to Choose the Right Traditional Archery Bow for Yourself

When starting traditional archery or upgrading your bow after some experience, several important factors to take into account include your intended use for the bow, budget limitations and experience level. You likely know the importance of a good bow as an archer’s tool, but how do you go about selecting the perfect one? Before purchasing […]

Best Traditional Archery Bows

Traditional archers have several bows available that can make life simpler. Some are designed specifically for beginner archers, while others are perfect for hunting and target shooting. Selecting the right bow is essential if you want to maximize both your time and skills as an archer. A good bow should be lightweight, forgiving and fast. […]

Wooden Bows For Sale

Wooden bows are among the most sought-after and attractive archery equipment on the market. Not only that, but they’re incredibly affordable too – making them great gifts for both beginning and experienced archers alike! Traditional wooden bows, known as longbows, are expertly crafted by hand and will last a lifetime with proper care. Clark offers […]